If you’re in Rutland, Vermont, this weekend, it may be nearly impossible to avoid Summerfest.  When I was young, they called it Sidewalk Sales, but it has become bigger and better and is now… Summerfest.

But maybe… rather than avoid Summerfest, you should embrace it!  The quirky little Vermont town stuff is what makes Vermont… Vermont.  It’s easy to lose sight of that if one lives in a place that is always quirky, small-town, beautiful, etc.  When trying to find a way around a man-made traffic jam, we conveniently forget that Vermonters are lucky to have celebratory events that bring most residents together.  How good does it feel to go somewhere and know that you’ll know people there… even if you haven’t planned to meet up with anyone? 

So if you find yourself in Rutland, Vermont, this weekend… and you see a road is closed for Summerfest… find a parking place and walk over to it.  You might discover something wonderful that you wouldn’t have found if you had simply detoured around downtown.

And while you’re at Rutland’s Summerfest, stop by Book King and buy autographed copies of “Wicked Normal” and “Wicked Weird,” my first two books.  Yes, they’re now available in Rutland’s bookstore.

In the spirit of Summerfest, wherever you are, rather than detour through life directly to wherever you were heading, explore something quirky and off the beaten track this weekend.  You certainly won’t regret that you got out there and enjoyed a summer weekend.