The Red Dress

I’ve come to the realization that every woman should own a red dress.  Forget this “little black dress” theory of which society tries to convince us from a young age.  No, believe me, red dresses are far superior.

When a woman wears a red dress, she can’t help but exude confidence.  Red is a bold and powerful color.  She is noticed.  Even if there comes a time where every woman in the room is wearing red dresses, each and every one of them will be noticed!

Can I get some agreement from the fellas out there who are not fashion-savvy? Woman in red dress gets checked out.  Period.  End of statement.  And don’t argue orientation with me… and don’t throw up color blindness as an excuse… at the end of the evening, people (yup, men AND women) haven’t forgotten the woman in the red dress.  (As even if you can’t see what color she’s wearing, she’s unforgettable by the way she carries herself!)

And honestly, the exhilaration derived from feeling like the epitome of diva and goddess for an evening is a wonderful high in which all women should partake.  I’m not suggesting that men don’t also deserve the opportunity to feel like worshiped supermodels, but I don’t believe a red dress would have the same effect for them, and not being a man, I don’t know what garment possesses the red dress effect.  (Although a red dress WOULD get them noticed, too!)

Yes, I wore a red, Calvin Klein dress last night.  And I felt like a million bucks.  I believed I was gorgeous.  I didn’t have a date, and I was perfectly happy.  Truthfully, it matters not if anyone else in the room noticed me… I felt fantastic, strong, confident, amazing, beautiful… and so I was.

And as I leaned on the armrest between myself and the empty seat next to me in the front row, I realized just how lucky I was.  Now some may think, “Oh, that’s so sad that you went to a concert by yourself,” but I view it as getting to spend the whole evening hanging out with the woman in the red dress… me!

So find a red dress that makes you feel gorgeous… and wear it… proudly and often. Someday you’ll see that no matter what you’re wearing, you are always the woman in the red dress… as the fantastic, strong, confident, amazing, beautiful, lucky, diva, goddess is actually YOU… not the red dress.

That said, I do believe my red dress is now my go-to dress for all upcoming occasions!  🙂