Now At a Bookstore Near You!

The sunburn I got at the Farmers Market back in June has turned to tan.  The fireworks of the Fourth are behind us.  The temperatures have cooled from the heatwave.  The calendar is about to turn to August.  It’s official… summer goes by faster than other seasons!

Last weekend, I discovered a FEW of the independent bookstores of Vermont.  Ever since I’ve published my first book I’ve been wanting to get my books physically into bookstores, as let’s face it, many voracious readers like to touch and thumb through a book before purchasing it.

So if you are a Vermont reader, and want to put your hands on a copy of Wicked Normal or Wicked Weird, you can go to Bear Pond Books or Rivendell Books in Montpelier, Vermont; Next Chapter Bookstore in Barre, Vermont; or Bridgeside Books in Waterbury, Vermont… they should have my book in stock, so let them know that you want it and hopefully they’ll point you to it!

I’m hoping to add to list of bookstores where my books can be found, so if your favorite isn’t listed yet, feel free to order/request my books wherever you like to buy your reading materials!

And for anyone anxiously awaiting Book Three… I’ve been working on it!  I hope it will be out in the fall, but I won’t sacrifice quality for an arbitrary deadline… so it will be out when it’s ready!  (And you’ll surely know about it!)

In the meantime, if you haven’t read Wicked Normal yet, the Kindle version is now only $4.99.  Okay… that’s the end of my shameless self-promotion.

I hope that, even though it’s flying by us, you’re enjoying your summer!  I know I sure could use a day at the beach, as nothing says summer to me like putting my toes in the too cold Atlantic Ocean.  (That and ice cream, boyband concerts, thunderstorms, flip flops…)  So, whatever defines summer for you, go enjoy it!  If it will be only a memory before we know it, we may as well make that memory memorable.