Summer in Vermont… finally

Maybe I’m wicked weird, but I love going to the farmers’ market.  If they don’t have those where you live, it’s a gathering of local farms, artisans, and other food/drink creators who present exquisite, locally produced, items that are simply top-notch.

This weekend I went to Burlington’s Farmers’ Market.  It’s rather huge, for a Vermont event.  Whereas often I look at the offerings of farmers’ markets without buying anything, I had made a deal with myself that I would eat my way through this enormous farmers’ market.

Unfortunately, I also gave myself a $20 budget.  Is it possible to enjoy the offerings on such limited funds?  Why yes, yes it is.  I had curry chicken on rice and a samosa for lunch, and then after walking around for awhile, I had an amazing raspberry & mint popsicle.  This thing was fantastic in that it didn’t melt when I was eating it in the blazing sun.  I don’t quite know how they freeze them to stay so cold, but it works.  I got a sunburn, but I didn’t get popsicle-dripped on more than maybe five times.  And the flavor?  Mmmm, so raspberry!

With parking, I still stayed under my $20 farmers market budget.  I did go slightly over that budget due to a teeny bit of shopping along Church Street, but I escaped Burlington for a grand total of $24.  Given the amount of enjoyment getting out and about on such a gorgeous day in Burlington, Vermont, brought me, I declare that to be an incredible deal.

I think it’s finally summer in Vermont.


Sunrise, Sunset…

On my drive to work this morning, the sky was ablaze with beautiful colors.  The same can be said for my drive home.  It was even on the same side of the car!

I always struggle with the shortness of the days of this time of the year.  Gorgeous skies help me appreciate the bits of sunshine I get.  Frankly, I can’t wait until the sun rises earlier and the sun sets later, once again.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who uses decorative lights to illuminate the pre-5 pm darkness.  🙂  And then there’s the lit cement truck driving around.  Pretty spiffy!

So yeah… sunrise… sunset…  (and yes, I’m biting my tongue so as not to break into the familiar song!)

Hello world!

Why, hello everybody, and welcome to my blog!

When it comes to words I never thought I would be saying, I do believe the above statement would be among the list.  Me?  Write a blog?  Whatever for?  Well, I just returned from attending a day of workshops the Burlington Book Festival 2012, and I am inspired to bring My Happily Ever After to you.

I have written a book.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  Wicked Normal.  Okay, so I haven’t published it yet, but it’s in the works.  It has a website and a Facebook page, and okay, I’d love for you to actually “Like” that page, but I’m getting ahead of myself already.

See, unless you personally know me, you somehow may NOT have yet heard of Wicked Normal, and well, I’m hoping this blog changes that, as I want everyone to be able to enjoy my book!

So thank you for being one of my readers right from the jump!  And here’s to living the happily ever after!

A blog isn’t a blog with just one post…

While I was in downtown Burlington, Vermont, today, I was in need of food.  As fantastic as the restaurant scene is, I didn’t feel like dealing with a sit-down formal sort of experience, as I wanted to be quickly free to return to the Fletcher Free Library for the next presentation at the Burlington Book Festival.  So I found myself sneaking the block over to City Market, for my first ever experience there.

Yes, you heard me right.  First ever experience at City Market.

Now, for those of you who don’t know Burlington, there’s no impact whatsoever in my repetition of the reality… but for those who do, let’s face it, City Market is a downtown icon.  However, I’ve always viewed it as that uppity, yuppy, cool-kids, snobby, chic, crunchy, trendy, horrible – and every other word that gives that feeling I convey when I say “Chittenden County” in-person – establishment where I would certainly not have any reason to be.

And you know what?  Lunch was delicious!  SO yummy!  As in, not only may I ever return to City Market again, but I can’t imagine not going back.  OH, and furthermore, the staff members who I encountered were kind and helpful.

So the moral of the story is… don’t believe the hype (positive OR negative)… always judge for yourself…  you just might find something you truly do like, where you absolutely least expect it.