Amazon Giveaway!

Why, hello there!

I’m giving away a Kindle version of “unLEASHed” (my dystopian, mature YA novel from 2015 that becomes less sci-fi and more psychic with every passing day…), and I want you to enter!  No, you don’t get a Kindle.  It’s JUST for a copy of “unLEASHed.”

If you don’t like your odds of winning, you can ensure you get this prize by straight up buying a copy (and that way, you’re guaranteed to join Cordeleya on the quest to live unLEASHed, but it’ll cost you $2.99 plus tax).   I like the feel of winning, so I’ll understand if you enter to win and buy it later, if you don’t win, and well, hopefully, you’ll win!  (I don’t control the odds or the drawing for the prize, but I can cheer each of you on!  Woo hoo!  Good luck!)

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