As We Look to the Future…

No matter one’s political views, history happened this week.  In the United States, we got a new President.  With the change in leadership, it is natural to look towards and think about the future.

In my first venture into writing a science-fictionesque novel, I wrote “unLEASHed.”  It gives a potential version of life in 2034.  Personally, I hope life doesn’t become the world I created for the book.  Alas, as life unfolded in the year and a halfish since the book’s release, I saw more and more evidence that it might just be a psychic book rather than a sci-fi book.

So, on this historical weekend, to commemorate the possibilities that come with a new presidency, I am giving away the Kindle version of “unLEASHed.”  I won’t tell you what to think, but I hope it gives you something to think about while you’re reading it.

And well, FREE is a price that fits every budget.

Thanks for reading.