I Need Readers!

Hello, Readers!

Last year I self-published my fifth book in the Persephone Smith series, “Wicked Confessions.”  I have also entered it into a contest on Inkitt.  The contest has 100 people read each entered book (you sign up for whichever book you’d like to read), and the top three highest rated books get traditionally published.

So, the contest is about to wrap up and I have ZERO readers.  No, you read that right.  Despite all my contacts on social media, nobody has signed up to read “Wicked Confessions,” for free, on Inkitt, yet.  Therefore, IF you think you could help me out by reading and loving my book (It is right there on Inkitt, so you just read it right on your favorite technology device and love every scandalous chapter without paying a cent!), please do!  And please pass the word on to anyone else who would love my book, too!

If I want to crack through into mainstream name recognition in young adult novels, I have to try new tactics, and entering this contest was an attempt to reach a wider audience.  If one reader devours this novel due to this effort, mission accomplished.  (And if 100 readers do so, cha-ching!  You’ll be seeing my books everywhere in no time!)

Keep living the dream, and thanks for reading.


dandelion edited


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