My First Book Trailer

I discovered videography when I was fifteen.  Loved it.  Couldn’t get enough.  Considered pursuing it professionally, but I chickened out and went for the sure thing career of being a teacher.

Sure thing?  Ha.  I should’ve done video production.

But I don’t live life in what if scenarios, and I doubt my life would be that much better had I gone to school in Boston and majored in video production or communications or whatever I would’ve majored in.  And I’ve always believed there are ways to integrate video production into whatever I’m doing in life.

Thus, I’ve been itching to make a book trailer (like a movie trailer, but for my BOOKS, as I haven’t signed over any movie rights yet), and tonight, I finally made one.  In the future, I’d like to have music to use (I don’t have rights to any music) and video footage that I’ve filmed, but given that it’s my first effort at a book trailer, I don’t think it’s so bad.

So, enjoy!  It’s only thirty seconds long, so pop on over to YouTube and give it a view!  Thanks!


Happy Fourth of July!

In celebration of America’s Independence Day, I’ve got the Kindle version of my latest book, unLEASHed, up for free today! (Hey, I can’t let Canada Day upstage the Fourth of July!) So, go to Amazon and search for: Cordeleya and you’ll find it. They tell me it’s available worldwide, so spread the word and let’s get everyone reading unLEASHed!

Thanks and happy reading!

Happy Canada Day!

Alright, so I’m not Canadian. I’m a Vermonter. Geographically, it’s pretty close to Canada. And apparently I have readers in Canada *waves in French to my Canadian readers* So, in celebration of Canada Day, get the Kindle version of my latest book, unLEASHed, for free, on Amazon today, 7/1/15!

Yes, part of unLEASHed occurs in Canada. And oui, the chapters are numbered in French. Happy Canada Day!

Grab yourself a free, Kindle version of unLEASHed to celebrate. And spread the word so that tons of readers can discover the futuristic, sci-fi inspired, Young Adult world of Cordeleya Hammock.

The link:

The link:

And if you want to search it out for yourself (or live somewhere else), I find it fastest if I type: Cordeleya into the search box. Apparently, she has a rather unique name, so the book pops right up.

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