Snow Day!

When I was a kid, I loved listening to the local radio station on snowy mornings to see if, by chance, there was no school due to a snow day. Nowadays, the schools call everyone. I don’t know if it’s as exciting as a kid to wait for an automated phone call, but as a grown-up who works at a school, it’s just as thrilling to be awoken by that call as it was to hear my school’s name on the list as a kid.

So, in honor of having a snow day in February, today I watched “If I Stay,” because it takes place on… a snow day in (I do believe…) February. But… to make sure life didn’t imitate art, I stayed off the roads.

Groundhog or not, spring can’t come soon enough. Oh, and I don’t think it should count when the groundhog sees his shadow solely because of all the media’s lights on him. Just sayin’.