Relating to My Readers

I’ve recently picked up a new hobby. Reading. I know that sounds ridiculous, given that I write books (Blatant self-promotion: Four of my books are now available through your favorite bookseller!), but I had lost interest in reading for pleasure in junior high due to the fact that the books recommended to me, for my reading level, were way more mature than I wanted to read at that time. Literature for younger readers has come a long way in the past twenty-five years… er, almost 30… and well, lately I’ve been reading just about every Young Adult series I can find. And boy, oh boy, is it fun! And well, it’s good research, too, as my next books are all slated to be Young Adult books, as the characters will be in high school… and eventually college.

Anyhow, I’ve discovered a really maddening condition in reading contemporary young adult series… waiting for the next book to come out! Oh my goodness! It’s absolutely frustrating to let the characters just hang out there, in a cliffhanger situation, waiting for the author and the publisher and whoever else needs to do what they do to actually put the book out there! I currently am waiting on three of the series I’m reading to release their next installments! Agh! Pins and needles or something!

And so I was immediately reminded of how my readers must feel when they haven’t gotten a new Persephone book (or a new anything book) in several months now. I hadn’t really understood how it feels to read the latest book… and then wait… so it’s good to be in the readers’ shoes. Not that it’s getting the next book into their hands anytime soon. But it’s motivating. Knowing that somebody out there wants to know where the story goes next is humbling and amazing. I know where the story goes, but it’s not yet ready for human consumption. What can I say? I’m a perfectionist.

So, I will exhibit patience in waiting for the authors I’ve been reading, knowing that my readers are extending the same courtesy to me. (And while I wait, I can work on getting the books they’re awaiting ready for them!)

Yep, I do think that this reading hobby is a good habit for me to keep.