I’d Rather Be Writing…

For years I have heard about this like national challenge to write a novel inside of a month. It seemed I always missed the start of it. This year, a friend of mine sent me a link in October for National Novel Writing Month… in November! So my excuse about missing it each year was rendered invalid in 2014.

So, I signed up. They’re looking for writers to write a 50,000 word rough draft of their novel during the month of November. Now, I can’t grow a beard, so I figured writing a novel in a month seemed like a good way to pass November…

But the way I write… 50,000 words is a drop in the bucket. And if I remember right, I wrote a full-length rough draft earlier this year in like two or three weeks. So the only exciting component to writing in this National Novel Writing Month thingamajigger is that I’m writing with others. Other people are going through the same sort of challenge. And so we’re all going through it together.

But for me… personally, I’d rather be writing the rough draft of the ninth Persephone book. Yeah, you heard me. Ninth. Four are published… four are already in rough draft form… so that means the ninth book is awaiting my attention so it can be created.

Alas, I have to finish 50,000 words of this other book first. Of course, there’s only 12,000+ words left to write before I complete their challenge. It’ll need big time revisions and stuff, but 12,000 words should be a piece of cake.

And then… I’ll get right to Persephone’s sophomore year of college… characters grow up so quickly! Right in front of our eyes!