Goodreads Awards!

So Goodreads does annual Goodreads Choice Awards, and the eligibility guidelines say this year’s books need to have been published in 2013. That would mean two of my books are theoretically eligible! However, they haven’t yet been nominated!

In order to keep it simple, I ask that if you would like to vote for one of my books to win the Goodreads Choice Award (for Best Middle Grade & Children’s book of the year), please WRITE-IN “Wicked Awesome” – I know “Wicked Weird” also came out this year, but if we start splitting votes between the two, there’s no way I’ll obtain enough write-ins to make any headway.

So… “Wicked Awesome” as a write-in nominee for the Middle Grade and Children’s category of the Goodreads Choice Awards. Sounds good to me. Thanks for all your help.

And a link to keep it easy for you…