Summer in Vermont… finally

Maybe I’m wicked weird, but I love going to the farmers’ market.  If they don’t have those where you live, it’s a gathering of local farms, artisans, and other food/drink creators who present exquisite, locally produced, items that are simply top-notch.

This weekend I went to Burlington’s Farmers’ Market.  It’s rather huge, for a Vermont event.  Whereas often I look at the offerings of farmers’ markets without buying anything, I had made a deal with myself that I would eat my way through this enormous farmers’ market.

Unfortunately, I also gave myself a $20 budget.  Is it possible to enjoy the offerings on such limited funds?  Why yes, yes it is.  I had curry chicken on rice and a samosa for lunch, and then after walking around for awhile, I had an amazing raspberry & mint popsicle.  This thing was fantastic in that it didn’t melt when I was eating it in the blazing sun.  I don’t quite know how they freeze them to stay so cold, but it works.  I got a sunburn, but I didn’t get popsicle-dripped on more than maybe five times.  And the flavor?  Mmmm, so raspberry!

With parking, I still stayed under my $20 farmers market budget.  I did go slightly over that budget due to a teeny bit of shopping along Church Street, but I escaped Burlington for a grand total of $24.  Given the amount of enjoyment getting out and about on such a gorgeous day in Burlington, Vermont, brought me, I declare that to be an incredible deal.

I think it’s finally summer in Vermont.


Graduation Season

I recently attended a graduation for the Class of 2013.  It was moving.  In that room, there was so much optimism and excitement for the future.  Each of the kids indeed has such a wonderful and bright path ahead of them… but for those of us well beyond graduating age, such an event offers the perfect setting to reflect cynically about the crazy dreams we had way back in the day when it was our turns to be wearing the caps and gowns.

But instead of focusing a moment’s energy on what might have been, isn’t it best to simply gain renewal and inspiration for what’s yet to come?  Could you have possibly known then that you’d be doing what you’re doing now?  And all those roadblocks and challenges along the way that were insurmountable… are now practically dust that you’ve overcome and nearly forgotten… but have obviously given you strength and confidence of which you never suspected you’d be capable.

So every year, as the graduates look younger and younger (and believe me, next year they’ll somehow look even younger!), remember to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished in life… so far… and look to the future with the same degree of optimism as those kids wearing the caps and gowns.  By Graduation Season 2014, you will have accomplished something that you may not have even thought of… yet.  (And with any luck, whatever challenge is looming in your mind right now will join the ranks of the forgotten dust!)

Congratulations Class of 2013… 2003… 1993… 1983… 1973… 1963… and all the classes before and in between… Here’s to your bright future!