“Wicked Weird” – my 2nd book – Now available!

I just have to mention that my second book, Wicked Weird, was published today.  It is a continuation of the story introduced in my debut novel, “Wicked Normal.”  So, to find out how Persephone Smith handles middle school, read Wicked Weird!

Available now through my eStore:  www.createspace.com/4196654


It’s Almost That Time Again…

My second book, Wicked Weird, will soon be published.  I don’t have a release date, as one of the perks of self-publishing is that it gets released as soon as I’m ready for the world to see it… which is any day now!

Wicked Weird is a continuation of the series that debuted last September with Wicked Normal.  In the second novel, protagonist Persephone Smith faces her first year of middle school.  But there’s more to her life than just the trouble she finds as a sixth grader.  As luck would have it, there happens to be a storyline about unicorns, this time around!

The intended audience remains the same, so it, too, is written for readers aged nine and up.  I do recommend reading Wicked Normal prior to enjoying the upcoming Wicked Weird as the characters are evolving and changing due to the plot that continually builds.  I am planning to wind up with a twelve book series, so be prepared for many more twists, turns, and “oh my – she didn’t really do THAT, did she?” moments before the final, final chapter.

Thank you for all your reading!  I will let you know as soon as Wicked Weird is published and available!  Until then, make sure you and all your friends have read Wicked Normal!  It can be purchased through your favorite book source or through my e-store: www.createspace.com/3914223

So until next time, here’s a sneak preview of the planned cover art for Wicked Weird!