Maybe it’s just the onset of the holiday season, or perhaps the lessening hours of sunlight each day, but lately, I’ve lost all track of time.

Over the weekend I decided to unwind a little by treating myself to a small road trip. The first stop was a socks sale.  I’m probably downplaying it a bit, as it’s the Cabot Hosiery Mills Socks sale that was featured on the news.  Alright, yeah, you’re right, it’s Vermont… pretty much ANYthing becomes a newsworthy event.  At any rate, I bought a bunch of socks.  From there I went to the Baked Beads Clearance and got jewelry and beads (not that I NEED more beads, but I do love acquiring pretty beads).  Okay, I have totally sidetracked from the point of mentioning my road trip!  So, on this road trip, it was so gorgeous – blue skies, reasonably warm temps, green grass – that I felt like it should have been like March… not November.

When I got home, I decided to use my vacation time to put a dent in finishing the rough draft of Book Two (It’s over 80,000 words, so far, and still untitled, but it picks up where Wicked Normal leaves off, for those of you who have become faithful readers of my series!).  I jumped out of bed this morning with a great brainstorm for the chapter upon which I was set to embark… but my computer wanted me to install an update.  And so I did.  And well… my computer consequently crashed.

So instead of writing that chapter, today was spent doing a System RECOVERY on my computer.  You know what those are, right?  It’s when you lose all the programs and settings you have on your system, but the computer works again.  And apparently, despite claims that you don’t lose your data, you evidently lose anything you’ve saved to the Desktop.

And guess where I’ve been saving Book Two?  Um yeah.  On my Desktop of course!

Now, most of my Facebook friends are doing the gratitude thing on a daily basis for giving thanks this month… but I haven’t been.  But today, I will…  I am grateful for my external hard drive and for having the idea to save Book Two to it JUST before rebooting my computer for that update this morning.  Yep, that’s right… I didn’t lose a single word that I had written.  🙂  I did lose today as a writing day… but I still have tonight.

Sometimes life is so dizzying that it takes a crash to help us regain our perspective and reprioritize our time.  This past weekend, Sunday felt like Saturday, noon to 3 has felt like nap time, and well, frankly, I didn’t accomplish my plans for today.  But I have tonight… and tomorrow… and hopefully plenty more days beyond that… even if it is nearly the end of November and my brain still tells me it’s maybe early October.  The bottom line is I’m fine, I’m extremely blessed, and I’ll catch up… sometime.


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