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No Trick, only a Treat!

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Happy Halloween!


I’m so not an outdoors person…

If you’ve ever been to a dating website, basically everyone is all into hiking and the outdoors.  I’m rather skeptical that everyone is THAT enamored with nature, but I know one thing… I am so not an outdoors person…

In the winter… seriously?  You’ve been to Vermont, right?  Why would anyone in their right mind be an outdoors person during the winter in Vermont?  You actually need to ask me why I’m not an outdoors person in winter?  Really?  Sure, there’s skiing and snowboarding… but I don’t do that.  I went skiing a couple of times in my life… let’s just say I’m not very coordinated for such sports.  Snowshoeing, on a sunny day when it’s like 30 out, is rather enjoyable… not that I actually own snowshoes, but maybe someday.  But cold and ice and snow?  Yeah, I’d rather be indoors.

In the spring, lilacs, grass, and budding trees make my allergies go bezerk.  And bugs suddenly decide once again that they like the outdoors, too.  Blech.  I don’t like bugs.  Not one bit.

In the summer, the blazing sun gives me a sunburn if I so much as think about it!  So on beach days, it’s gobs of sunscreen and dodging being outside midday.  And summer at nighttime brings… *high pitched squealing buzz sound*  Yeah.  Mosquitoes.  Grr.

In the autumn, it should be perfect.  Reasonable temperatures… sun that isn’t so strong… and after the first hard frost, no more bugs, right?  Yeah, apparently not quite… as in order to get this foliage picture, I got swarmed by flying ants!  I mean swarmed like requiring folks to pull the flying ants off of me because I was COVERED in them.  At least the picture is pretty…

Yeah, I am so not an outdoors person…

Some Days Are Simply Gorgeous!

I love fall.  It’s always been my favorite season.  My birthday isn’t in the fall.  I’m not obsessed with Halloween.  I’m not into a fall sport.  For me, it’s all about the visual gorgeousness that is autumn in Vermont!

Sure, I’m spoiled because it’s the only way I know fall to be.  Ridiculous foliage, breathtaking views, and yeah, it truly is everywhere you look.  I’ve been itching to get out this year and snap some pictures, but every year I try, I come to the same conclusion… I cannot capture the beauty that is Vermont in the fall.

Doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying… and I do believe there are still pockets of peak foliage somewhere in the state… they just aren’t where I was today.  But I think it’s gorgeous, even if it’s no longer peak.

The colors are far more brilliant in person.

One of these days, I will take a picture that captures how I truly see autumn.  Until then, I’ll enjoy the view within the moment… everywhere I look.

How Could It Be 15 Years Already?

This weekend was my 15 year reunion… from college.  Do you know what that means?  I’m old.  Like ancient artifact old.

Okay, so not really.  But if someone had shown my gals and I a picture of us from yesterday, fifteen years ago, and said, “This is you at your 15 year reunion,” well, we wouldn’t have been able to tell much about those fifteen years.  The same friends… the same smiles… and well, the stories just don’t shine through in a picture.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but life’s stories require more than a thousand words.

And whose idea was it anyways to put reunion weekend as the same weekend as parents weekend?  And homecoming weekend?  I mean, really?  Alumni don’t deserve a special weekend where we get the place to ourselves for our reunions anymore?  Not that they care what my opinion is, but I did not like having a random fall reunion.

I also didn’t like that registration closed early on Friday night.  I was standing there, at registration, so as to register for this fiasco of a reunion, and they ignored me until after the scheduled closing time and then turned to me and were all “We’re closed.”  And then they took an attitude with me like I should return to register the next day.  Yeah, so not going to happen.  I decided then and there that my college wouldn’t be seeing a dime of my money.  In actuality, some of the featured events were rather dreadful, so I was glad I didn’t waste a cent on them.  In hindsight, maybe I should find the registration people and thank them for not taking my money Friday night.

Ultimately, what made reunion weekend great was seeing my friends.  Our college can’t ruin our good time.  And I know I had a great time.  I hope my friends did, too.  I can’t remember when I last stayed up so late… or laughed so hard… and well, those are probably the true signs that I’m ancient artifact old.

Safe travels to all, and hopefully it won’t be so long until we see each other next!  🙂