Wicked Normal

So after a year and a half of writing, revision, editing, dreaming, joys, and worries, my first novel, Wicked Normal, is now available.

I do want it to be a bestseller, so it would be great if you choose to buy a copy!  It should be available through most places you’d buy books, or if it’s more convenient, there’s a link to my eStore on the OFFICIAL website: www.wickednormal.com

Thanks for your continued support, encouragement, and readership!


Forget the box of chocolates, my life is like a chocolate bunny

Last night… I decided to eat the ears of my chocolate bunny.  Yes, as in the one I got for Easter, and yes, it is the end of September.  It was a hollow bunny, so I could have eaten the whole thing in one sitting, but it was my Easter bunny, and the thought of consuming it in one swoop was too much for someone who savors things as much as I do.  I ate the head of the bunny when I got home from work today, and I polished off the rest as dessert this evening.

I realized that this chocolate Easter bunny is quite symbolic of how I live life.  I’m not exactly a hoarder, but I do hang onto things as long as I can before using them.  It’s as though I believe there will always be a more appropriate or worthy time for whatever it is… and well, once something is done, it becomes simply a memory.

I’ve noticed that oftentimes I wait too long though, and I don’t even get to have the memory, as whatever it was is no longer good by the time I think to use it.  Then I feel guilty and promise myself it won’t happen again.

But then I wind up in my kitchen… and finding a chocolate bunny in September…

And well, I finally smartened up and just ate it.  And I enjoyed every bite… even if I predictably start with the ears.  And oh well, so maybe I won’t have another chocolate Easter bunny until spring… Or perhaps I might go into the kitchen and decide it’s the right time to eat the one from 2011… or was it 2010?  Or maybe if I’m not sure which previous year, it’s time to chock up that chocolate bunny and promise to eat next year’s by Memorial Day.

Hello world!

Why, hello everybody, and welcome to my blog!

When it comes to words I never thought I would be saying, I do believe the above statement would be among the list.  Me?  Write a blog?  Whatever for?  Well, I just returned from attending a day of workshops the Burlington Book Festival 2012, and I am inspired to bring My Happily Ever After to you.

I have written a book.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  Wicked Normal.  Okay, so I haven’t published it yet, but it’s in the works.  It has a website and a Facebook page, and okay, I’d love for you to actually “Like” that page, but I’m getting ahead of myself already.

See, unless you personally know me, you somehow may NOT have yet heard of Wicked Normal, and well, I’m hoping this blog changes that, as I want everyone to be able to enjoy my book!

So thank you for being one of my readers right from the jump!  And here’s to living the happily ever after!

A blog isn’t a blog with just one post…

While I was in downtown Burlington, Vermont, today, I was in need of food.  As fantastic as the restaurant scene is, I didn’t feel like dealing with a sit-down formal sort of experience, as I wanted to be quickly free to return to the Fletcher Free Library for the next presentation at the Burlington Book Festival.  So I found myself sneaking the block over to City Market, for my first ever experience there.

Yes, you heard me right.  First ever experience at City Market.

Now, for those of you who don’t know Burlington, there’s no impact whatsoever in my repetition of the reality… but for those who do, let’s face it, City Market is a downtown icon.  However, I’ve always viewed it as that uppity, yuppy, cool-kids, snobby, chic, crunchy, trendy, horrible – and every other word that gives that feeling I convey when I say “Chittenden County” in-person – establishment where I would certainly not have any reason to be.

And you know what?  Lunch was delicious!  SO yummy!  As in, not only may I ever return to City Market again, but I can’t imagine not going back.  OH, and furthermore, the staff members who I encountered were kind and helpful.

So the moral of the story is… don’t believe the hype (positive OR negative)… always judge for yourself…  you just might find something you truly do like, where you absolutely least expect it.